“We believe it is your fundamental right to have a complete analysis of the risks and benefits of any test, drug, supplement, procedure, medical practice, or diet before making the decision to proceed with it.”

You have a right to know the risks, benefits & alternatives

I believe you have a fundamental right to know the risks, benefits & alternatives affecting your health when it comes to any tests, drugs, supplements, procedures, medical practice & diet before you make a decision to proceed.  I am here to advise you.

 My business is informed medical decision making.  I help clients to make informed decisions about screenings, medications, procedures and medical care by providing information about risks and benefits from evidence based research and alternatives.

Marjorie Leon, MS  is a researcher, a PhD. Candidate in Psychology, an educator, investigating the topic of obesity.  Marjorie also has a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She enjoys researching topics such as women’s health, cancer, diabetes and heart disease from a nutritional standpoint.  Marjorie is fortunate to have studied with notable mentors such as T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Pam Popper.

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