“We believe it is your fundamental right to have a complete analysis of the risks and benefits of any test, drug, supplement, procedure, medical practice, or diet before making the decision to proceed with it.”

Health Consulting (informed decision making)

Get answers to your questions about health, diet & weight loss. Learn about real solutions that work when you see articles or hear about new books and diet plans that confuse you.  Join Lifestyle Wellness’ concierge health education and mentoring program. Your advisor, Marjorie will work closely with you as you improve your own health.  You will have assistance as you progress with an opportunity to learn about important health related topics that affect you and the people close to you.

Your personal annual program begins with a one-on-one appointment with Marjorie either in person or by telephone if you are not in the Grand Junction/Fruita, Colorado area. (retail price $250)

Opportunities to learn

  • Advanced Study Video Lecture Platform. Each month Wellness Forum Health founder Dr. Pam Popper reviews a health-related book and creates two lectures and detailed powerpoint slide presentations. Dozens of lectures are currently posted and you will be notified each month when new ones are added. (retail cost $660 per year)
  • “Ask Dr. Pam” video platform. In addition to the large library of video responses to questions from members all over the world, you can submit your own questions too. (retail cost $300 per year) 
  • Things You Should Know – Every month Dr. Pam chooses a topic you should know about, develops a workshop and slide presentation and posts it on a video platform. Topics have included cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, the gut microbiome and vitamin D. (retail cost $300 per year)
  • Health Briefs Online Library – a collection of over 2000 articles on diet, health, and medicine. The library has a search engine to help you to find articles by topic. You can print them, download them, or email articles to others. (retail cost $29.95 per year)
  • One annual review session in person or by phone with Marjorie (retail cost $250)

The retail price of these programs is $1709.95 if purchased a la carte, but the price is only $399 (for Wellness Forum Health members) or $498 (for non-members) if purchased as a package.

Dietary Counseling

Learn about healthy plant-based diets and how to make the most of of them for health and weight maintenance.  First appointment $100, $75 for additional sessions

Pantry Cleaning

Start on your road to healthy success by learning what to keep and what to get rid of!  Marjorie will assist you with a full kitchen makeover that gives you the health boost you desire. 
Includes a shopping trip to two local stores, and food donated to food pantry. $249

Shopping Trip Outings

Learn how to shop for maximum health results!  Learn the proper way to read food labels and avoid the misleading clutter. Your personal shopping trips include visiting two stores locally. Introduction to label reading and healthy meal planning. $149

Cooking & Meal Planning

Would you like personal help and guidance learning new healthy recipes,  preparing meals and  meal planning for health success?  Get fun and tasty guidance for you and your loved ones!

Cooking classes
Food Tastings: $10 per member; $15 non-member

Cooking Classes (Public)
Meal is served.  $25 per member; $35 non-member

Cooking Intensives (3-4 hours)
$75 members; $99 non-members

Children’s Classes
Educational program for the children in your household $249
Children’s Private Cooking Class $99

Meal planning
Two weeks of meal planning. Includes introduction to batch cooking.  $99

Weight Loss!   

Lose weight and keep it off the healthy way! 
Our Permanent Weight Loss Program will give you specific activities to do every day that will help you to make permanent changes in the way you think and act with regard to food. ($295)

Here are just a few of the topics covered:

  • Why willpower does not work for anyone for changing any habit.
  • Why portion control can’t and won’t work.
  • Simple scheduling tips that will help you to find time to do everything you want to do, including health promoting habits, without chaos and stress.
  • How to identify self-destructive thoughts and change them so you can succeed not only in losing weight but in other areas of your life.
  • How to enjoy eating again without guilt and fear How to get others to help you instead of undermining you.
  • How to stay motivated after the “newness” wears off.

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