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“We believe it is your fundamental right to have a complete analysis of the risks and benefits of any test, drug, supplement, procedure, medical practice, or diet before making the decision to proceed with it.”

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Workshops & Events

Plant-based healthy cooking clases

Learn about plant-based nutrition and how to prepare tasty meals that help with weight loss, health and proper nutrition.
It’s fun, easy, healthy and very tasty!

Food Tastings: $10 per member; $15 non-memberCooking Classes (Public) Meal is served.  $25 per member; $35 non-memberCooking Intensives (3-4 hours) $75 members; $99 non-members

Workshops & Events

Children’s education & cooking classes

Start your child/children off to a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  No more unhealthy foods and poor nutritional intake.  Give them the opportunity to learn about plant-based nutrition and how to prepare tasty meals that help with weight loss, health and proper nutrition.  It’s healthy fun for the entire family!

Educational program for children in your household $249
Children’s Private Cooking Class $99


Special Events

Workshops & Events
Operation Healthy Girlfriend

Each month, a group of women join together to have dinner at a local restaurant and discuss our health, our goals and our challenges.  The human connection is important to all of us and we invite you to join us.  The only cost is your dinner and/or drinks.

Workshops & Events
Movie Night

Join us as we screen a different, positive messaged health movie one time per month.  There is no cost, so bring your friends and family.  There will be an informal Q&A after each movie to answer your health related questions.   Movie times and locations are found on our calendar.

Workshops & Events
Potluck Dinners

Each month, we offer a public, potluck dinner and discussion of a pre-chosen health topic.  This event is free to the public and you are invited to bring friends and family.  If bringing a dish, please contact us for guidelines. ( No animal products, no dairy and no oil.)  Discussion topics, times and locations are found on the calendar.

Workshops & Events
Weekend Retreats

Seasonal weekend retreats to a lovely location, includes education, speakers and activities.  Availability and locations to be announced.

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